"Arms Model 76 is a special gravitational gun used to target zombies at the back. A purely elemental gun, just set the setting to shoot. You will not be disappointed."
―Official Description

The Atomic AM76 is a very strong gun that starts appearing around rank 45. It is VERY RARE. Even though it starts appearing in boxes at rank 45, most players find on about 10 ranks later. As it can do many different types of damage, this gun is the most adaptable gun. Ever. Left click for full auto energy projectiles, Middle click for semi-auto toxic projectiles, and right click for semi-auto flaming projectiles.

What is unique about this gun is the way it shoots. When you shoot at a zombie, the bullet comes from ouside the gun. How? When you shoot and there are no zombies in your way, you're gonna hit a wall, right? The bullet comes from the wall and hits the zombie in the back. A boss behind a bunch of bloaters? This gun. If there are no zombies, it just comes back to where you shot it and dissipates. This gun is a force to be reckoned with.

However, with every pro, there comes a con. The low capacity and slow reload time makes you reload all the time, slowly. The fairly low damage makes this gun nothing without deadly. And don't forget the movement penalty...

Even with all those cons, it's still a good gun, and the adaptability is stunning.


  • Ammo Cost: $325 for 100 normal ammo, $1300 for 100 high damage ammo. [RED] is 10X ammo price.
  • Damage: 75 Damage for energy projectiles, 80 damage for fire and poison projectiles. [RED] is 150 Energy and 160 others.
  • Pierce: 2, 3 [RED].
  • Fire Rate: 3 RPS for energy, 2.5 RPS for chemical, and 1.5 RPS for thermal.
  • Reload Speed: 4.1 seconds
  • Capacity: 12
  • Damage Over Time: 50 per second for poison, stops after 5 seconds. 40 Per second for fire, and stops after 6 seconds.
  • Movement Penalty: -30%
  • Firing Mode: Full auto for energy, semi auto for chemical and thermal.