"This monster must have formed from several Shielders. Unimaginably tough due to layers of metal and fibreglass accumulating into its already-large mass, but just as slow as it looks."
―Official Description

The Juggernaut is a boss zombie that begins appearing at the same time as the Necrosis and Mauler, and acts as alternatives to either of those zombies. Against its peers, the Juggernaut is slow and its attacks are comparatively weak, but it has very high resistances and a high hit point pool, one of the highest of regular boss zombies, and can spawn weak backup for itself.

Generally the Juggernaut has a defensively-minded AI. It will tend to keep a distance from players and use its ranged attack to outlast them from afar, keeping its health up by absorbing damage with its shields. However if there is only a single player left alive, it will adapt a more offensive manner and attempt to box in the player in question with its ranged attacks and Shambler spawns.


  • 170,000 base hit points. Savage has 5,000,000 base hit points.
  • Melee attack does 750 damage per hit. Cool-down is 1.50 seconds.
  • Ranged attack does 10,500 damage split between five projectiles. Cool-down is seven seconds. Projectiles move at 7 m/s and bounce off of walls with an effective range of 25 metres. Projectiles fire in ninety degree spread aimed at closest player.
  • Spawn attack takes two seconds to "charge" before slamming a patch of nearby ground and breaking a hole in it. A small group of Shamblers and a Shielder will emerge from the hole. Cool-down is fifteen seconds.
  • Moves at 0.8 metres per second. Savage moves at 1.1 metres per second. Turns at seventy degrees per second.
  • Has 60% physical resistance, 30% chemical resistance, and 25% thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Wielded shield blocks all Physical damage and 90% of all other damage types.