"what better to plague then something that is already mutated?"
― One of the smarter zombies speaking zombiespeak about the Lunar Feeder.
"A strange creature that was devouring a nearby moon, but when it got plagued...."
―A SAS max rank.

The Lunar Feeder is a vicious beast that will destroy you quick if you do not have quick movespeed. This boss is bulky and powerful, but lacks agillaty. If you can get behind it...Well, on to the stats.

HP: 450,000/9,750,000

Melee damage: 9999999

Player Relative Speed: 0.43

Ranged Damage: 1000, 3 D/t for 10 seconds

Defence(front): 90% universal

Defence(back): -1% universal

Turn speed: 40 Degrees Per Second

Melee Attack Speed: 0.1 (that means once per 10 secs)

Ranged Attack Speed: 0.5

As you can see, this is a beast. That is why it only comes on a specific mission, Lunar Plague.

Oh, anc could someone make a pic for this? It looks like a giant infested tick that has a glowing red head.