SAS Zombie Assault Conception Wiki
Weapon Conception
- Ronson 90 -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 136
272 [RED]
408 [Black]
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 20
Capacity 240
Reload Time 3.1 seconds
Area of Effect .2m
Movement -36%
Firing Mode Full-auto
Weapon Class Laser
Damage Type Energyico.pngEnergy
Ammo Cost $600 for 1000
$6000 for 1000 [RED]
$7200 for 1000 [Black]
"Renowned as Ronson's best creation. Further advancements to electromechanics allows for the Ronson 90 to fire an endless surge of plasma."
―Official Description

The Ronson 90 is a full auto Energyico.pngEnergy laser made by Ronson.

The Ronson 90 follows a common trait with other Ronson products. High damage, low rate of fire, impressive pierce, small clip size, and intimidating movement penalty.

The Ronson 90 have an unique access to the Enlarged augment. What it does is, it'll increase the size and range of the ray.

Its rival, the Hotspot, is quite comparable.

The Hotspot fires at a higher RpS, but lower damage per hit while the Ronson 90 is the opposite. The Ronson 90 trades RoF and clip for increase of damage and pierce. Overall, the Ronson 90 contains more potential, due to its more appealing stats. The Hotspot is better though, for stunning enemies.


  • Higher base damage.
  • Excellent pierce.
  • Faster reload time.


  • Lower rate of fire.
  • Small clip size
  • More heavier

Recommended augments are...

  • Deadly, to buff the damage.
  • Overclocked will improve dps. But be sure to also add capacity if you're going to augment overclock, as it'll drain more rapidly. Plus you'll have to reload more often, making you more vulnerable.
  • Adaptive is pretty useful, and cheap, as it will help kill energy-resistance zombies quickly, and spend less ammo.
  • Capacity, to boost the clip size, as the clip is rather small. Also allow the users to fire for a longer period of time.
  • Pierce will allow more targets get hit.
  • Enlarged will increase the size and range of the beam.
  • Race Modded will decrease the reloading time, and time of vulnerable. But, due to the 20% reload cap, Race Modded isn't as useful.